Terms and conditions


Booko.pro a Booko Holding brand reserves the right to change and modify these terms and conditions at any time. Changes will be effective as soon as they are published on the Booko.pro website.


It is important that the person making the booking must enter the correct names of all persons traveling. If TBA or another abbreviation has been entered as the guest’s name, the hotel may reject the booking. The names of all persons traveling must be entered and the first name should be followed by the Family name.


It is the responsibility of all Booko.pro members to ensure they have entered the correct e-mail address. If our e-mail has been sent to your Junk or Bulk mail folder, you can prevent this from happening again by opening our e-mail and clicking on the ‘not spam’ or ‘this is not spam’ button.


It is the responsibility of the Booko.pro member making the booking to ensure that the room type booked will be suitable for the party traveling. If more persons turn up at the hotel than the room can accommodate then the hotel is within their rights not to accept the booking and in this case, no refund will be made.

While Booko.pro undertakes to ensure that your clients requested room type and smoking preference are available, Booko.pro cannot guarantee the actual bedding make-up of the room. These requests are sent to the hotel and are subject to availability.

Booko.pro tries to ensure that the hotel provides the room type(s) booked, however, there may be occasions when instead of a double-bedded room a twin may be allocated or a double-bedded room instead of a twin. Please be aware that the majority of European hotels provide 2 single beds pushed together to make a Double bed. While all room type preferences are forwarded to the hotel, room allocation is done by the hotel and subject to availability at the time of check-in.

Please check our FAQ for room-type descriptions.


Star ratings aim to give a general overview of the quality of the hotel and the approximate level of facilities, services, and amenities available. However, this rating system does vary from country to country. For example a 5* Bangkok hotel will not be the same as a 5* London hotel. Booko.pro is not responsible for the hotel categories and * ratings as these have been provided to us and accepted in good faith.


Currency exchange rates generally change on a daily basis depending on the fluctuations in the market. Booko.pro reserves the right to update room rates displayed on the website depending on any market fluctuations.

Any changes relating to currency exchange rate fluctuations will not affect the rates of an already confirmed booking. Likewise, once a booking has been booked and confirmed at the rates you have accepted, there is no refund for any difference in rates due to exchange rate fluctuations.

All rates are valid for the leisure market only. Booko.pro will not accept responsibility for any booking if it becomes known that a client is not traveling for leisure purposes. Hotels may refuse to honor our contract rate and charge the rack rate to the clients directly.

Rates include applicable hotel taxes. Tourist/local/city taxes which generally include the use of local services may not be included. If city tax needs to be paid at the hotel, this info might be shown in Remarks and on the voucher.


Our company name will appear as Booko.pro on the credit card statement of the credit card used to make the booking. If a Booko.pro member has used their client’s credit card to make the hotel booking then it is the responsibility of the Booko.pro member to inform their customer of this important information in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

Bookoholding / Booko.pro reserves the right to correct any pricing or displayed errors and/or omissions. This includes errors and/or omissions that have been entered by a hotelier or local agent. In the event of a price error and/or omission, we will offer you the choice of either keeping the booking at the correct rates, canceling the booking, or subject to availability we will offer you a suitable alternate hotel.


Not all of the hotel rates are displayed on the Booko.pro website is applicable to the local market. In addition, some other markets may be affected and in such cases, the hotel is within their rights to change the rates without prior notice.

You agree that passenger nationality declaration is mandatory and must be determined by selecting Client Nationality at the time of booking. This information must be in accordance with the passenger’s passport. False declaration of passenger nationality may cause consequences for which we cannot be held liable. If you do not change Client Nationality, Agency Nationality will be taken as passenger nationality by default. In case, any financial damage occurs due to a false nationality declaration, it will be covered by the agency towards your customers or to us in full.


The majority of credit card providers charge some sort of an International Transaction fee. This can be as much as 3% although Capital One not only doesn’t impose its own fee, but it also applies the 1% fee that Visa or MasterCard impose. This fee is passed on by certain credit card providers because the charge for your booking has been processed outside of the country in which you reside. Please note that the charge has not been passed on by Booko.pro and that Booko.pro cannot be held responsible for any international transaction charges passed on by your or your client’s credit card issuer.

Some hotels, particularly in the USA do charge a resort fee which must be paid to the hotel directly. This is typically $10 to $20 a room a night. Bookoholding is not responsible for resort fee charges and has no control over their implementation.


Booko.pro has no control over any extra charges that a hotel may decide to implement for guest room incidentals such as air conditioning, safe, mini fridge, hire of television remote, etc… Any such charges must be paid directly to the hotel, and Booko.pro cannot be held responsible for any incidental charges passed on by the hotel.

Likewise Booko.pro has no control over any fees that a hotel may pass on for luggage storage, Sauna, spa and swimming pool use, car parking fees, etc.

During the festive season, essentially Christmas and the New Year, there are hotels that impose a compulsory gala and guests must pay any supplement for the gala dinner. Our company is not always informed about Gala dinner supplements and Booko.pro cannot be held responsible for any gala supplements passed on by the hotel.


We prefer that all cancellations and amendments be made on the Booko.pro website. Alternatively, you can contact the Booko.pro  Reservations Team www.bookoteam.com before the cancellation deadline for that specific booking/hotel. We do not accept cancellations or amendments over the telephone.

Booko.pro will not be bound by or responsible for any changes and cancellations made directly with the hotel.

It is important to note that only one amendment per booking will be accepted. If you require further amendments, please cancel and rebook with new details.

Any more than one amendment is not permitted and the booking will have to be cancelled and re-booked. New rates may be applicable.

During special event periods, certain dates, and early bird type bookings, the hotel may pass on a different cancellation policy of which you will be informed as soon as Booko.pro is notified.

In certain cases, name changes are not permitted and the booking may need to be canceled and re-booked. In this case, new rates may apply.

Any booking that offers free nights or early booking savings is liable to certain restrictions which we will inform you about as soon as Booko.pro is notified. Generally, these restrictions are; No name changes and no extension or reduction of nights. If you have booked a stay that includes 1 night free and your client decides to cancel- The free night will not be refunded because this is free.

Please note that nightly room rates might increase after a confirmed amendment even if you decrease the number of nights. This might be either due to changes in currency exchange rates or promotions on the original booking date.

Cancellation Policy ( apply an additional 24 hours from the date of the penalty ) due to time differences.

Any reservation, service, or last-minute product is 100% NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of the policy of individual cancellation published or not published.

The cancelation policies of each reservation made with Booko.pro through the website or API are accepted 100% by the client when confirming them. All requests to modify and/or exonerate the already confirmed reservations are not guaranteed and in case of successfully fulfilling the client´s request, as an internal policy, Booko.pro reserves the right to retain 20% of the total value of the reservation as a service fee.


To protect your Booko.pro account – When a booking has been made by a 3rd party Booko.pro reserves the right to request proof of ID from the credit cardholder as well as a signed authorization form.

This security measure is not to cause any inconvenience but merely to protect the credit card holder against any credit card misuse.


If the original hotel booked is closed, overbooked or has maintenance problems and /or cannot provide the room(s) booked. You accept that the hotelier or supplier is responsible for finding you alternate accommodation of a similar standard. Where we have prior notice Booko.pro will contact you by email.

Booko.pro accepts no liability for any losses or costs that might occur as a result of re-location as this is completely beyond our control.

A booking is considered to be a group booking when there will be 10 or more pax traveling. Booko.pro reserves the right to cancel any FIT booking made for a group or if we consider them to have been made for the purpose of holding space for future sale. Please submit your group request using the Booko.pro group page.


The hotels with a “REQUEST” button and bookings with On Request Processing status means that the hotel does not have any available allotment, however Booko.pro will contact the hotel to request extra space. Kindly be informed that on very rare occasions, the availability at the hotel might change until the time you complete your booking and the final status might turn to On Request Processing. In these cases, please do not attempt to book the same hotel again. You will be informed within 48 hours if your booking has been confirmed or rejected. If the hotel could be confirmed at a different rate, you will be advised. Please bear in mind that the confirmation may not be guaranteed and the hotels have the right to reject ON REQUEST bookings. If your accommodation request is urgent, it is suggested that you select a hotel with Instant confirmation. Depending upon when a new search is made on Booko.pro system, you may see the same hotel appearing again. This is because space may have become available although at different rates from when the initial request was made.


Hotel information: While Bookoholding strives to present hotel information as accurately as possible, we are not responsible for the accuracy of this information or for any facilities that may or may not be available at the hotel during your client’s stay or not suited to your client’s individual tastes and preferences.

Redecoration/ renovations and maintenance are necessary to the upkeep of the hotel and may take place without prior warning, however, the hotelier will endeavor to keep inconvenience to a minimum. The effects of normal wear and tear can be expected in a hotel and these are beyond our control. Bookoholding cannot accept responsibility for any disturbance or inconvenience to your client beyond the hotelier’s control nor for accidents or loss in a hotel caused by hotel management or staff.

We have no control over any extra charges that a hotel may decide to implement for guest room incidentals such as air conditioning, a safe box, a mini fridge, the hire of a television remote, etc. Any such charges must be paid directly to the hotel and Bookoholding cannot be held responsible for any incidental charges passed on by the hotel.

Hotel and guest room photographs are provided to give a general overview of the hotel. Guest room photographs may be of a different category to the one you book and not identical to the room your client(s) are allocated at the hotel.

All of the hotels on the Bookoholding website require one of the guests to be at least 18 years old. In some states of America, there are higher age limits. If you have booked a hotel in the United States and the travelers are under 25 years of age please contact the hotel directly for clarification.

The Booko.pro rates apply only for leisure they are not allowed for people attending congress and conventions.

More than 9 rooms (Doubles) in the same hotel and check-in dates will be considered as a group and must be requested to Booko.pro offline. (Some cities like Paris, New York, or Las Vegas and others consider a group of more than 4 rooms) The agent needs to request via https://bookoteam.com/. All clients need to request special treatment for their bookings if any kind of event in the city like; Congress, Sport Event, Music Concert, Political Event, etc. in order to handle the bookings accordingly.

Otherwise, the hotel could charge the difference in rate directly to the client at the check-in, and Booko.pro will not be responsible for them.


Maps are provided for information purposes only. While Booko.pro strives to present hotel and map information as accurately as possible, we do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of this information or for any errors and/or omissions. We suggest that you contact the hotel directly to obtain the most current and complete location information and directions.


Any complaint which cannot be resolved at the hotel must be notified to us by email with the subject message ‘Complaint’. All complaints must be notified to us within 20 days of the checkout date, contact us at https://bookoteam.com/

A copy of the complaint must also be submitted to and signed by the hotel manager. Complaints relating to hotel services will be forwarded by Booko.pro to the relevant party.

Response times do vary from between 5-20 working days depending upon the nature of the query in question.

The Provider shall use its reasonable commercial endeavors to ensure the data provided in the System is accurate and updated however the information provided in the System has been sourced in good faith.

The Provider cannot guarantee that it is completely free of mistakes or omissions. We obtain accurate information available from the service providers.

For any technical error of the Provider, the provider will inform the client’s customer service center in the best terms and conditions to solve the problem.

The liability of the provider, in this case, applies only a maximum of 20% discount or a maximum total of USD 1.000 per one or a group of reservations affected by the Problem Detected in the same month period.

Booko.pro will provide the client with between 1 and 3 options as alternatives to make the respective relocation to hotels of similar category and location. The client must inform Booko.pro in order of priority the options that the customer decides to accept and Booko.pro will verify the confirmations as the proposed alternatives are subject to changes and availability.

If during the same period, the same error or a different error is repeated, the provider reserves the right to cancel without penalty and inform the client.

If the guest decides to stay in a different hotel by its features, the client must report it to Booko.pro in written with anticipation, and Booko.pro will assume 20% additional to the original rate confirmed by Booko.pro. It was not reported previously to Booko.pro, it will be the client’s responsibility.

For any mistake, different from technology errors, the provider will give a compensation of a maximum of 10% of the original booking.


– Booko.pro will not be obliged to request any visa documents from the hotel for any bookings that have not been paid for in full.

– Booko.pro will request these visa documents from the hotel upon your acceptance of a 25 Eur charge in the event that you cancel the booking.

– Booko.pro will do its best to accommodate your request but it is not guaranteed that the hotel will respond to your visa document request.

– Booko.pro has no control over any charges that a hotel may implement for visa support documents.

– In the event that a hotel implements charges for visa support documents, Booko.pro expects that the agency will make the relevant payment directly to the hotel.


Promotions are offered in good faith only. Some promotions are more popular than others in which case the rooms featured will be sold out much quicker. Bookoholding reserves the right to modify or change any promotion or offer at any time without notice. Please make a search for your requested dates for the most current rates.


Telephone calls to Booko.pro may be recorded to enable us to monitor and improve our services.

Please contact us at info@booko.pro if you do not want to receive any promotional emails/ Newsletters or special deals.

Bookoholding / Booko.pro shall not be liable for any failure in service relating to uncontrollable circumstances such as flood, earthquake, riot, terrorist acts, acts of governments or authority change in a country, bad weather conditions, etc.

The climate differences and energy-saving rules of different countries might affect the heating systems at the hotel which is located in that particular area and/or country. For instance, in Italy, the heating system can only be operated between Nov 15 and March 15 due to government regulations. Opening and closing dates of the swimming pools also might be affected by the climate and weather conditions. Booko.pro is not liable for the practices of the hotels regarding these issues.


1. Additional supplier booking terms of use.

2. Additional supplier agent terms of use.

IMPORTANT – When the Booko.pro member has completed the booking online, they must check and make sure all the details on the pre-paid accommodation voucher (such as hotel address, hotel info, city, and country details) are correct.

Use of the Booko.pro website is subject to your acceptance of our terms and conditions. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you must refrain from using the website.

I ACCEPT – If you do not fully understand or do not accept these terms & conditions, please do not “Accept” but contact us for clarification.